Squat Bands Bundle
Squat Bands Bundle
Squat Bands Bundle

Squat Bands

Squat Bands Bundle

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How do they work?

Hamstring/Quad Activation Bands restricting blood flow to a muscle group while training. The first thing you need to know is the goal isn’t to completely cut off blood supply to a muscle. It’s simply to slow down the rate at which blood returns from the muscles to the heart. This causes blood to remain inside your muscles for longer than normal, which, as you’ll soon see, influences muscle physiology is several ways.

Your heart pumps blood to your muscles via arteries, which are large, muscular-walled tubes running throughout the body. That blood makes it way back to the heart through veins, which are a different set of tubes crisscrossing your body. When you engage in resistance training, and especially in higher rep ranges, the amount of blood going from your heart to your muscles outpaces the amount returning from your muscles to your heart. That’s part of why you get a pump. That pump diminishes when you rest in between sets because arterial blood flow drops and blood is slowly evacuated from the engorged muscles. Well, the point of this kind of training is to prolong the pump. This is accomplished by tying a band around the limb(s) you’re training, which allows blood to pump in but restricts the flow out.

Bigger and Fuller Muscle! 

Hamstring/Quad Activation Bands magnifies the muscle-building power of this, too, by increasing the amount of time that your muscle cells stay swollen. Research also shows that Hamstring/Quad Activation Training Bands can enhance certain genetic signaling pathways involved in muscle growth. Squat Bands can deliver that same growth in the Butt and Legs!

These bands are:

  • Easy to wrap up
  • Easy to remove
  • They are applied to the upper thighs or calves in order to achieve lean muscle and great tone quickly.

These Hamstring/Quad Activation Bands have a unique design which makes them simple and easy to use. Simply put on the legs and to keep pressure throughout your workout. These bands are primarily designed to help butt, hamstrings, and quads. If you are looking to get serious results, Click "Add to Cart" now!